Who are we?

The Cornell Vegan Society (CVS) is an academic society that promotes public understanding of veganism and related ethical, scientific, and social issues. Cornell Vegan Society strives to bring the connection between diet and bioethics, our treatment toward other beings, public health, and the environment into public consciousness.


Vegan philosophy and worldview promote a future in which humans celebrate health while analyzing and examining their inextricable relationship with the ecosystem. Vegans value sentience and empathy as common grounds from which to promote vibrancy in all life. Thus, bioethically-influenced responsible behavior is acted through the non-exploitation of humans, non-human animals, and environmental resources while creating an atmosphere conducive to regeneration and growth.

What We Do


We work to inform the general public about veganism and its impacts on health, society, and Earth.

We host a variety of events such as guest lectures, free tastings, vegan potlucks, movie/documentary screenings, etc. Every academic year, we attend the Ivy League Vegan Conference, which features academic conversations on philosophy, law, nutrition, health, innovation in food industry, etc.


We promote constructive conversations on veganism and a diverse range of all related topics such as nutrition, policy, human rights, sustainability, animal rights, ethics, etc.

We believe that conversations that include a broad spectrum of individuals (vegans, non-vegans, scientists, philosophers, law scholars, etc.) promote better understanding of veganism and related matters. Throughout each semester, we host high-profile speakers from diverse backgrounds such as Michael Greger M.D., Gene Baur, James McWilliams Ph.D., Jonathan Balcombe Ph.D., George Eisman R.D., and many others.

Change and Improve

We work closely with Cornell Dining and restaurants in the surrounding community to improve and increase the vegan options at and around Cornell.

As of 2015, Cornell Dining now offers made-to-order vegan pizzas, quesadillas, and grilled cheese sandwiches with Daiya cheese at various cafes, as well as an increased options of delicious and healthful vegan dishes and desserts in the dining halls.

From Our Events

A delicious dessert from one of our potlucks

Free vegan fajita event

Vegan Mentorship Program Potluck

Ivy League Vegan Conference 2015, Cornell